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We also provide all the millwrights, welders, excavation personnel trades to complete your electrical projects on time and under budget.

Prime Energy prides itself in our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes through the connected thinking of our talented consultants. Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of all of our sectors, including Energy, Government Advisory, Built Environmental, Transportation, and Water. Relentlessly focuses on excellence and digital innovation, transforming our client’s Electrical Projects for the best outcomes. PE provides engineering, maintenance support to production, turnaround, and on greenfield projects. Tackling the most complex projects, often on highly regulated industries, we have reduced construction cost overruns by 50% or more, while challenging all EPC change orders to generate Billions of dollars in cost saving, and leading very complex capital-intensive large construction projects on a global scale. Saving are calculated by adhering to Construction schedule and budget (No Cost Over runs), and plant production startup (No Commissioning or Startup delays). Working along client’s technical departments to ensure improvements in electrical system reliability and resolve repetitive electrical-related problems.

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Advance Process Control Design Startup and Commissioning of Non-Linear Real-Time on All Gas and Refinery Process units. SME in the development of methodologies to support capacity modeling enhancements using PE real time physical property and Simulation RT models, including improved forecasting and optimization techniques and integration of systems.

Extreme Project Management
The oil and gas industry is the world’s most capital-intensive industry and invests hundreds of billions annually in new projects and maintenance of existing facilities. High levels of complexity for capital projects and turnarounds in the oil and gas industries have historically led to some…
Waste Water Treatment Solutions
The main objectives of the construction of wastewater treatment plants are as follows: Minimization of risks to public health Reducing the impact of wastewater on the environment Reducing the use of groundwater for economic purposes Extension of the life of water bodies and aquifers Ensuring…
Electrical Engineering
Testing & Commissioning OF SUBSTATIONS Outage and connection planning Testing of breakers, disconnect switches, CT's, PT's, CVT's, power transformers, DC control systems and other equipment. Power transformer offloading & transport/assembly & oil filling. Circuit breakers and circuit switchers of all types and sizes including assembly,…
Main Automation and APC Contractor
SME in the field of instrumentation including temperature, pressure, flow, and analytical. All instrumentation must pass inspections as a prerequisite before any work on APC can begin. SME in the field control valves including valve sizing, positioner selection, and integration into any DCS IO, Foundation…

Our Portfolio
Recent Projects

Sentinel Energy Wind Farms turnaround Project Palm Springs, CA
Motiva 300,000 bbl greenfield addition
APC on the existing Beaumont refinery
Chevron Gorgon and LNG Greenfield design and construction and APC project
Chevron Nigeria offshore platform APC
New project win Shell Prelude and Gladstone Sites APC
Newmont mining APC on all of their sites
Chevron Wheatstone LNG Greenfield design and construction and APC
Mobil Beaumont and Australian refinery end to end APC
Hovensa east and west end turnaround construction and commissioning and project closeout Documentation
Hovensa GE-13 CCGT 25 MW
Hovensa WWTP Phase I &II
Hovensa ULSG greenfield commissioning and project closeout Documentation
Sunoco APC on all of their refinery sites
Coastal Eagle Point refinery Westville NJ Turnarounds and ULSG and WWTP unit construction and total IT Documentation Digitalization of all 50,000 tags
Siemens Energy Canada Bruce Power Nuclear Project Turnarounds for both sites
GEH Exelon BWR and PWR digital upgrade projects for all their Nuclear power plants
SRRS and Pueblo Chemical Weapons destruction turnaround and greenfield Sites
Tupras Izmir refinery Crude Unit APC
Anwil Poland ASU design construction and APC


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