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Savings are based on limiting costs overruns due to construction schedule failures and contesting all construction scope growth on the ground at site.


PE has earned a reputation for superior project outcomes based on a strong tradition of engineering excellence and innovative design. Our commitment to ongoing recruitment and development of the brightest Sr. Consultants from around the world ensures that tradition continues.

Our teams are equipped with the latest tools and technologies including data-centric 3D plant design systems, parametric 3D component design software, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and many types of simulation software.

Our teams are also able to access the multi-discipline and multi-industry expertise resident in PE through communities of practice, expertise directories, and partner networks.

Our teams work closely with clients to incorporate the client’s knowledge and requirements are built into the project starting at the earliest project stages. We “do our homework” and ensure that technical decisions and designs are sound, and where appropriate, include the input and expertise of PE specialists from around the world.

Finally, our engineering teams deliver their work as an integral part of PE’s Project Life Cycle Process, working closely with your procurement, construction, and commissioning teams to achieve optimal overall project outcomes.

The PE Extreme Project and Construction Management practice maintains an integrated management and communication network that supports business unit objectives by developing and implementing strategies, optimizing people resources, championing technology tools, and bringing consistency across operations while assuring a high level of certainty for safety, performance, quality, cost, and schedule. PE Construction Project Management maintains an effective ability to plan, execute and complete projects by applying well-developed systems and programs driven by a philosophy of early construction involvement with a focus on facility startup.

  • Working together safely so there is “no harm” to people
  • Alignment of project goals with the client’s team
  • Projects are execution driven
  • An experienced leadership team
  • Full capabilities in all elements of construction management
  • Ability to do construction management globally
  • Front-end loading to minimize uncertainties
  • Early implementation of the construct-ability program
  • Modularization and pre-assembly program
  • Construction work packages
  • Workforce planning management program
  • Effective handover and commissioning planning and execution readiness for client operations team
  • Site progress assessment
  • Contracting strategy to maximize local participation
  • Materials management control and coordination

Ensure that all capital projects are designed and installed in compliance with all applicable Codes and Standards. All engineering documentation is accurate and meets all of the client standards. PE has a zero tolerance policy on safety standards and all of our large construction projects reached VPP rating by OSHA.

The mission of the PE Procurement practice is to minimize procurement costs, lead times, and risks on every project. Procurement professionals achieve these goals through the design of procurement strategies and the application of robust execution processes. They rely on:

  • Best-in-class procurement and scheduling optimization modeling systems
  • Centers of procurement disciplines (vendor monitoring and surveillance, purchasing, expediting, logistics, and construction contract management)
  • Sourcing categories (structural steel, electrical equipment, pumps, piping, etc.)
  • Sourcing countries
  • Project type

PE Procurement offers:

Sourcing strategy design

  • Optimization of key strategic decisions such as direct sourcing of materials vs. subcontracting, global vs. regional vs. local sourcing, negotiation strategies, etc. leading to minimized procurement costs, lead times, and risks 

Project cost estimating and planning optimization

  • Leverage procurement price and lead time intelligence to maximize the accuracy of optimized estimates and schedules 

Supplier prequalification

  • Practical process applied to validate supplier capabilities maturity and reliability covering technology, employee skills, financials, sustainable development policies/capabilities, etc. 

Bidders list optimization

  • Leverage of supply market intelligence and PE closed-loop supplier performance management process to select the most capable, reliable, and competitive bidders 

Tender management

  • Creation of bid packages, issuance of tenders, management of vendor clarifications, bid analysis, and award recommendation. The process is supported by a structured set of tools. 

Supplier quality surveillance

  • Effective set of quality surveillance processes and procedures applied by a worldwide network of quality practitioners with expertise across all categories aimed at achieving systematic defect-free delivery of equipment and materials 


  • Stringent set of expediting procedures applied by a worldwide network of expeditors aimed at achieving systematic timely delivery of equipment and materials 

Logistics Management

  • Management of all logistics activities 

Site Materials Management

  • Management of on-site and off-site warehousing 

Integrated Materials Management

  • Fully integrated materials management process linking engineering, all procurement disciplines, and construction enabled by best-of-breed technology 

State Art Commissioning and Project Documentation services

  • Validation, reviews and approvals, equipment procurement, 
  • BIM reviews, construction safety, coordination of calibrations, automation optimization of equipment on buildings heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Fire suppression; control and alarm systems and all utilities and cleanroom areas
  • Risk-based schedule, contingency planning optimization, and root cause failure analysis.
  • Responsibility for regular reporting regarding deadlines, quality, cost, and safety standards. 

Construction Contract Management

Construction contract formation and administration

The Systems and Process Control (S&PC) group provides a complete portfolio of S&PC services to meet our client’s operational and project-execution Information Management needs.  

To serve all client sectors, PE’s expertise incorporates all major disciplines of engineering including Civil Structure, Architecture (CSA), Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control as well as areas of specialist expertise such as Process Control, Advance Process Control and NL RTO of any process unit, Structural Assets, and Custom Equipment Design. 

The S&PC team can assist with:

  • Development of Information Management Strategies
  • Management, execution, and commissioning for S&PC projects
  • On going Operations and Maintenance Support

The S&PC team’s ability to provide complete coverage of Information Management systems and technologies enables us to manage the entire systems landscape for our clients providing fast start-ups and ramp-ups to capacity, and a single point of contact responsibility, and a successful handover to operations.

Providing Construction Phase Support, start-up assistance, all project close out documentation issues before client handover.

Process and Instrumentation

  • Field instrumentation for Hazardous & Non-Hazardous areas
  • Total Field inspection of plant site on all process equipment.
  • 24VDC schematics for power, control and shutdown circuits.
  • 120VAC schematics for power and control.
  • DCS panel, PLC panel, junction box, and control layout and schematics.
  • Design of communication systems using fiber optic cables, profibus, Ethernet.
  • AC, DC interconnects, conduit, and cable schedules.
  • Instrumentation loop diagram design and checkout
  • Field bus technology (Control Net, Device Net, ASI, Modbus, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, Ethernet, DNP)
  • Intelligent Motor Control Centres, HV switchgear applications, variable speed drives
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Distributed control systems (DCS)
  • PLC, DCS software development
  • Safety instrumented systems and hazard analysis
  • Interface with Certification Authorities
  • Emergency shutdown and fire & gas systems
  • Operator interfaces, HMI Development
  • Alarm management
  • Device management
  • Mobile machine automation, SCADA